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Welcome to Higher Calling! I’m honored to meet you here. I would love to sit down soon with you and discuss your professional goals and the roadblocks you may be encountering. My passion is helping you achieve that next level by digging deep into what you wish to accomplish in your professional life. I want to help you achieve the financial success you are desiring and striving to attain.

As a way of truly building the foundation for a relationship, I don’t want to share about the accolades, but instead about the adventure, the lessons, experiences and evolution of who I have become along the journey.

Meet Debra

Personal and Professional Empowerment Coach for Realtors & Executives


What I Specialize In



Real Estate


The Journey towards living a better life while breaking down barriers that are holding you back.

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Kristina D., Designer

Debra works with a spirit of excellence and the highest level of integrity with such great energy and kindness. She challenges people to raise the bar and come up to a higher level in life. She's committed to seeing people grow, flourish and become who they were truly meant to be. She sows seeds of thoughts or ideas based on her observations of your strengths and talents. She has a way of getting your wheels turning and equipping you with the strength to accomplish what you never had the courage to do before. She has personally introduced so many positive things in my life that have truly motivated me to break barriers, excel and make me realize that I’m capable of so much more. 


Dr. Susan Jenkins,
ChiefExecutive Officer Principal Broker

Debra's exceptional skills and talents are exemplified in her mastery of the deal and unique understanding in what motivates the client. She has learned how to "crack the code" and knows how to articulate the "art of the deal" for agents, both new and seasoned. Her ability to effectively interpret the client's behavior and desires while delivering one of a kind service has gained her notoriety and respect in the real estate industry. Debra is a teacher and coach at heart and she operates in grace while empowering others with her proven knowledge and expertise. 


Davina Hughes, Entrepreneur

Debra is awesome!  She sells millions in Real Estate each year and is in the top 1% of Realtors in Hampton Roads. She has a special gift of discernment when handling her clients because she learned how to communicate with buyers and sellers the way they want to be communicated too. Debra has mastered the "knowing how to be a Realtor".