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About Us

What we strive to do: empower solo-entrepreneurs to create their own freedom and success by building a better understanding of self and their clients.


I always say "I've been there" and I mean it. Currently, as an active real estate agent, I am in the top 1% of all agents in Hampton Roads with a conversion rate of 85%. I am a Top 50 of Women in Business in Hampton Roads and have been a year over year winner of the Better Homes and Gardens Emerald Elite along with Circle of Excellence Diamond and Platinum recipient.


However, as a young mother of 3 beautiful daughters, this is not where I began. My current place took work and a revelation. The revelation that success is achieved with the heart not the head. To truly understand and serve my clients, I had to start with me. I had to do the work to gain my own understanding and compassion before I could achieve success. 

Life kept opening and closing doors, and I had a choice. The same choice, I believe you change your mindset to refocus and to find your source of empowerment.


My role here, as your coach, is to help you understand how to change your traditional ways of growth. How to empower yourself and move away from transactions towards transformations, both for yourself and the people you impact. 

Let’s work together to build the understanding and knowledge that will take your further - to the freedom and success you crave.

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Founder, Professional Empowerment Coach

for Realtors & Executives

Meet Debra Monette


The F. R. E. E. Framework Method

This is the custom methodology developed by Debra Monette to work through the barriers to your success and build systems to help take you to the next level.




Knowing what to focus on- what your goals should be. Success is possible because of you and what you have inside.



Defining the successful you and changing your perspective about yourself and your clients.



Transition from small to big thinking. Know your gifts and build your systems and stability.



Empower yourself and your clients. Focus on your end goal. Know the goal for each client and transaction.

Why me?

Having started at the bottom, I know that success and happiness are possible with the some guidance.

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