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My career path has gifted me the opportunity to mentor, teach and develop others into their personal & professional success goals. Through intimate and group coaching experiences, we can help your create your own success. After 20+ years in the field, I’ve crafted the F.R.E.E. Framework Method which will serve as the foundation to your personal and professional empowerment experience.

Individualized Coaching

Together, we will develop a customized experience for you to break the glass-ceiling on your goals and find freedom in your journey. 


With proven unique strategies, critical transformative lessons in mindset, approach, communication, and relationships you will be able to build your own success and enjoy it. You will operate, despite the expectations of others, with your heart instead of your head, fully aligned and fully in-love with who you are, how we live, and who we serve (as a realtor and/or executive). 

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Team/Group Coaching

The typical solution in the industry to team problems is a 1-off sales training or goal setting, focusing on transaction vs. transformation. However, this methodology is dismissing the critical relational piece of people and the core need to feel good in their position and enjoy your success. That’s where I come in. Everything is tailored to your team goals and needs.


Coaching programs include varied team topics:

  • Confidence in the Call

  • Identification of the Who and How to Serve Others

  • Addressing Limiting Beliefs

  • Managing Expectations of Clients

  • How to Determine Vision and Create Focus

  • How to Release Control in the Process

  • Releasing “The Get Rich Quick” Mentality

  • Unique Sales Strategies 

  • Finding Alignment in Your Career

  • Growth & Learning Vs. Automation



The F.R.E.E. Framework Method

This is the methodology Debra and all her coaches use. It is the backbone of her coaching program and the way she approaches all challenges. By working through each letter, you learn how to tackle and manage any future challenges that come your way. It all starts with one step... are you ready?



Knowing what to focus on- what your goals should be. Success is possible because of you and what you have inside.



Defining the successful you and changing your perspective about yourself and your clients.



Transition from small to big thinking. Know your gifts and build your systems and stability.



Empower yourself and your clients. Focus on your end goal. Know the goal for each client and transaction.

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